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Elval Colour’s aluminum composite panels, coated aluminum strips for roofing applications can be produced in any colour to satisfy the most demanding aesthetic requirements along with several options of special functional coatings, each having an invaluable contribution to sustainable green building design.

ATOM - Designing Excellence

ATOM, la nueva colección de anodizados ATOM de Elval Color combina el acabado anodizado junto con una fina capa orgánica de alta durabilidad proporcionando un resultado estético magnífico y lujoso.
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Anodised Collection

Anodising­ is an electrolytic­ process which increases the thickness of the natural oxide layer of the aluminium. The result is improved durability and an excellent metallic appearance.
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A transparent coating that uses nanotechnology to stop graffiti paint from sticking to the façade surface.
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A protective coating that prevents dust and pollution particles from adhering to the coated surface.
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Panel composite de aluminio con capa antibacterial especial
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A specially developed coating that enables aluminium to be used as a substitute for ceramic or stone material for facades which enjoy the advantages of coil coated aluminium such as lower construction weight and tailor made natural looking finishes.
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High Reflectivity Coatings

A special coating that reflects up to 84% of the solar radiation from a surface that is used in roofing and façade applications.
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Phosphorescent Coatings

A specially developed innovative highly durable polyurethane coating that glows intensively when it gets dark. Useful for highly crowded places, such as conference rooms, corridors, staircases.
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