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How Bangalore International Airport got its Elval Colour smile

See how Elval Colour transforms Bangalore International Airport.

The customer

Bangalore (aka Bengaluru) International Airport opened in 2008. In 2014, it was ranked as the third busiest airport in India, after the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi and the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai.
A 1-million expansion of its main Terminal 1 building was started in 2011, designed to increase the airport’s capacity from 11.6 million passengers per year, to 17 million. The upgrade would also enable the airport to accommodate double-decked Airbus A380 ‘Superjumbo’ aircraft.

The challenges

The expanded Terminal 1 building would cover an area of over 150.000 square meters and needed to incorporate 5.300 seats, 90 check-in desks, 30 self-service check-ins, 48 emigration/immigration counters, 48 security stations and 15 baggage reclaim areas.

All of this, explained HOK explained, needed to be contained within a structure that “creates a grand, dramatic presence that seamlessly blends with the existing terminal.” Crucially, the designs called for an “elegantly curved roof” with an “undulating wave shape” inspired, so it is said, by a smile. This dramatic roof structure not only needed to provide total protection for passengers arriving and leaving the terminal, but define a “strong physical presence and visual identity for the airport.”


Our solution

Elval Colour’s orofe® was chosen to cover the 55,000 square metres of HOK’s “elegantly curved roof”. The lightweight coils, made from specially strengthened aluminium Alloy 3004 are durable and flexible, designed for corrugated or standing seam roofing solutions. Built to bend, orofe® was the perfect choice for the sort of wave-shaped design that HOK had envisioned. After casting, a special PVDF liquid-based paint was applied to the coils resulting in an optimum colour finish and superb durability.

The results

Together, the Rolling, Coating and Installation teams at Elval Colour created a final product, which met the performance, durability and aesthetic criteria set by the project owner and its architects. The roof of the Bangalore International Airport is built to last - orofe is also incombustible, anticorrosive, UV resistant and requires minimal maintenance or cleaning. When the project was completed in 2012, Elval Colour had provided the finishing touch to an airport that will act as an important driver for the growth of Bangalore, Karnataka and the rest of Southern India.


Material: orofe®
Application: Roofing
Country: India


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How Bangalore International Airport got its Elval Colour smile How Bangalore International Airport got its Elval Colour smile
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