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Elval Colour delivers first class service for Lufthansa

See how Elval Colour delivers first class service for Lufthansa’s Building

The customer

The Bonarka area for Business (B4B) can be found in the heart of Bonarka City Centre in the Podgorze district of Krakow, Poland. It consists of seven A-class office buildings in a unique urban arrangement and the first four buildings (designated A, B, C and D) were completed between 2011 and 2013. The 9.500 square meters of light and airy office space in Building D is now home to Lufthansa Global Business Services.

The challenges

According to the developer TriGranit Development Corporation, B4B is designed to be a modern office environment “characterized by exceptional architecture, high quality fit-out materials, flexible space arrangement, excellent daylight access, eco-friendly technologies, easy access to parking places and additional services within the complex.” Therefore, the completion of Building D required safety-focused, high-quality materials to match this ambition.
Source TriGranit

Our solution

The 7-storey Building D was clad in etalbond®FR aluminium composite panels, which are self-supporting with exceptional flatness, high strength, low weight and increased fire resistance. A total of 4,300 square metres of etalbond®FR panels were supplied in RAL 7021 (Black Grey) for the project, customized to a width of 1700mm so as to eliminate and also reduce, the number of visible joints between the facade and the glazing. The panels were fabricated and installed by experienced Krakow contractor INTER-BUD.

The results

“High quality finishing materials and facilities in building D meet the requirements of our tenants and that is what TriGranit cares about the most,” said Árpád Török, Chief Executive Officer at TriGranit

Building D is an outstanding example of how etalbond® can add extra architectural elegance in the most successful and efficient ways.

etalbond® fits in perfectly with a development that received a distinction at the 2012 art URBANICA competition and won the Prime Property Prize Małopolska 2013.


Material: etalbond®FR
Application: Facade
Country: Poland


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Elval Colour delivers first class service for Lufthansa Elval Colour delivers first class service for Lufthansa
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