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etalbond® d3, d2, d1

Elval Colour’s products etalbond® d3, d2, d1 represent the category of etalbond® for signage and display.
The letter “d” signifies the word display and the number signifies the thickness of the aluminium.

With its high-quality, resilience and unique appearance, etalbond® offers sustainable construction quality and high creative standards. Due to its outstanding product properties, this material stands-out. Elval Colour’s products etalbond®d3, etalbond®d2, and etalbond®d1 for signage and display are sandwich type aluminium composite panels. They are produced using two aluminium sheets with either an LDPE core or a Fire Retardant* core (only d3), resulting in a total thickness of 2-6mm.
etalbond® d3, d2, d1 are lightweight panels which incorporate a number of excellent properties for processing and installation, while they are easy to handle and transport at the same time.
*class B, s1, d0 (EN 13501-1)

















etalbond<sup>®</sup> d<sup>3</sup>, d<sup>2</sup>, d<sup>1</sup>

  • Extremely flat surface with a deviation within the panel ±0,1 allowing for perfect digital printing.
  • Lightweight with high stiffness and excellent dimensional stability.
  • Ideal for large format applications (installations), using well known processing techniques (width 1000-2000mm).
  • Easy to fabricate (bending/folding only d3), simple to process with conventional machines for plastic and wooden fabrications.
  • Operational working temperature ranging from -50°C to +80°C.
  • Environment friendly – no pollution is caused.
  • Available in a variety of sizes and colours (see Technical Data Sheet and Colour Chart).

Ingenuity and creativity in design create new applications every day. With etalbond® d3, etalbond® d2, and etalbond® d1, Elval Colour covers effectively and efficiently all applications and acts as your partner in designing tailor made solutions to cover your needs.

  • Signage
  • Silk-screen and digital printing industry
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Exhibition areas (as stands and room partitions)
  • Bus stops
  • Gas stations
  • Decoration material
  • False-ceilings
  • Elevator/stair-wall facings
  • Indoor cladding
  • Industrial applications like machine cladding,
  • Bus interiors and train roofing





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