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ENF Perforated

ENF Perforated products are aesthetically pleasing, sturdy, and easy to work with. They can be easily subjected to anodizing, welding, forming and painting. They are used for filtering, screening, support, protection, noise reduction, sound isolation while ensuring transparency effects; Furthermore, perforated materials are environmentally friendly, long lasting and fully recyclable. We produce thousands of different types of patterns, however, if we do not have the one you need, our Company is able to offer you new effective and convenient tools to provide you with the required product.

Perforated sheets (or coils) can be supplied in different materials, the most common of which are:
> carbon steel (cold-rolled or hot- rolled)
> Galvanized steel
> prepainted galvanized steel
> stainless steel
> aluminium and its alloys




ENF Perforated


The shape of perforation, its dimension, the different materials, the different patterns and pitches create volumes and space, transparency and opacity, light and shadow effects that can give a completely new look to a building. Last but not least perforated products offer several practical advantages such as regulating the desired amount of light into a room and, using the right open area, obtaining sound absorbing and weight reduction qualities. Perforated sunshades and sunscreens provide privacy for people living or working in a building without blocking the view. Perforated sheets help in controlling interior climate and save energy and can also be the right solution for aeration of hot or humid areas. The combination of aesthetical and technical performances makes perforated sheets an essential element of the modern architecture.

  • Thanks to a the large number of advantages, perforated sheets (or coils) are used for many applications:
  • Industrial processing
  • food processing
  • architecture, building and interiors
  • multimedia and communications
  • automotive/transport
  • white goods



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