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Coated aluminum sheets for roofing or façade systems, offering a high degree of corrosion resistance and a significant potential for energy efficiency
Elval Colour offers a wide array of premium quality painted Aluminium Sheets and Coils for building cladding in Plain, Profiled and Stucco finishes.


Elval Colour’s long experience in aluminum production has led to the development of ENFTM (an acronym for energy façade), a specific family of products designed for sustainable building cladding applications. ELVAL ENFTMcan be sold mainly as:
  • Flat solid sheet
  • Solid aluminium cassettes
  • Perforated panels
ELVAL ENFTM is offered as a painted material with VHDPE or PVDF type of paint and has been approved by cladding fabricator specialists in the most extreme environments, such as Arctic (Iceland, Russia), Tropical (Dubai, UAE) and Maritime (Israel, Australia).
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Corrugated Panels

Thinner metal gauges combined with the same corrosion resistant paint systems can also be offered as corrugated sheet of up to 13m (limited by transport container size) and can be used as an alternative decorative solution, if our customers desire so.

Advantages & Benefits

  • Project specific offer adaptation and product design (maximizing cost saving without compromising performance requirements)
  • A vast range of available finishes - including solid pastels or vibrant colours, metallic, pearl effect and wood imitation finishes
  • Ultra flat material suitable for flawless aesthetics in large size cassettes
  • Unmatched corrosion resistance
  • Customized fixing system
  • Totally incombustible material
  • Fully and readily recyclable (without the need of complex recycling facilities)
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