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Posted on 9 June, 2013

Elval Colour orofe in Bangalore International Airport, India

Elval Colour orofe® were used to cover 55.000 m2 of roofing construction in Bangalore International Airport, designed by HOK Architects.

The project refers to the expansion of the existing Terminal 1, from 72.000m2 to 134.000m2, in order to cover the impressively increasing passenger traffic which is estimated to reach 17 million by 2015. The target is for the expansion to be completed within 18 months from the commencement of the constructions works.

Pre-painted aluminium coils by Elval Colour

The architects’ designs for Terminal 1, include the unification of existing and new facilities under one extraordinary wavy roof. The sweeping roof system provides a welcoming environment for passengers, while creating an impressive canopy to the main entrance; it offers public protection from weather conditions. HOK’s design therefore features radiant interiors to mirror the rich culture of the state of Karnataka and vibrant colors of the “Garden City”.

The new expanded terminal will include 83 check-in desks in total, while the number of baggage reclaim belts will be increased from 9 to 13. Seating arrangements within the new terminal will also increase from 2.300 to 5.300.
For this project Elval Colour combined the aluminium material in Alloy 3004, which was cast and rolled in ELVAL, with its unique and strong coating capabilities. A team effort by the technical personnel of the rolling, coating, and installation teams created a final product which met the most demanding performance and durability criteria set by the project owner and the architects.
This project marks a significant step by giving Bangalore an Airport that caters to its global aspirations and act as an important driver for the overall growth of Bangalore, Karnataka and the Southern region of India.



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