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Posted on 27 June, 2017

Elval Colour official statement

As a consequence of fire incidents in recent years, in Qatar, Romania, UAE, Australia and most recently at Grenfell Tower in London UK the management of Elval Colour would like to make the following statement:

Primarily, we would like to express our condolences to all at those affected by this tragedy.

Secondly, we would like to confirm our policy, that we offer only etalbond FR and/or etalbond A2 for high-rise buildings and in general buildings of high visitation or sensitivity such as hospitals, elderly-care centers, nurseries, schools, shopping malls, airports, train stations etc.

In addition, we confirm that the material installed to Grenfell Tower is not etalbond aluminium composite panels made by Elval Colour.

Elval Colour as a responsible manufacturer has passed national fire regulations for building products in all European countries, Middle East, Asia, and North America. As a consequence, our manufacturing sites are audited by the respective authorities for compliance with our promised specifications on an annual basis with great success. In addition, our technical team has contributed directly or indirectly to several revisions of national fire codes by invitation, due to their expertise. Elval Colour being fully aware of the contribution of building material to fire and overall building safety, has contributed further to this notion in 2016 with an investment into a completely new line for the production of etalbond A2. 


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