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Posted on 3 May, 2016

Not even Banksy could paint on an Agraphon®-coated wall

Removing unsightly graffiti from building facades, cladding or corporate signage can be time-consuming and expensive. It can even cause extra damage or bleach away colour.

But not if your building is treated with Elval Colour’s Agraphon®. This transparent anti-graffiti coating uses nanotechnology to stop paint from sticking to a building’s surface, so that it can be easily removed. No sand blasting. No ghosting or shadowing. No need to replace the original surface.

Not even famous graffiti artist Banksy could paint anything that lasts on an Agraphon® - coated wall.

Agraphon® works with Elval Colour’s hard-wearing, dirt-resistant Arypon® coating system to disallow the bonding of paint molecules to etalbond®, and ELVAL ENF™ products. It’s available in a wide colour range of PE, PU, VHDPE, VHDPU, PVDF and Lumiflon options. 

The Agraphon® coating system is available now from Elval Colour. For more information about Elval Colour Agraphon® click here.



Download the Press Release for "Elval Colour Agraphon® fights graffiti with nanotechnology"

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