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12 December, 2022
For a sustainable future

Elval Colour has adopted the sustainability strategy since 2011, aligning it with the UN SDGs as well as respecting the European Green Deal.
In this direction the company has adopted the following policies:
  • Sustainability Policy - is committed to meet the needs of society by delivering, products in a reliable, inclusive and sustainable manner, and in doing so, creating shared value for all stakeholders. Elval Colour commits to operating in a way that creates progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Through this commitment, Elval Colour seeks to help preserve the environmental, social and economic assets that are fundamental for society and important to our long-term value creation. Elval Colour builds on the contribution of its employees and fully integrates sustainability in its strategy, business plans, and operations, aiming to maximize its positive effect by engaging with all business partners.
  • Labour and human rights policy - recognizes the right of all employees and stakeholders to work with dignity and believe that everyone believes the Company is responsible for having due regard for human rights.
  • Business Ethics and Anti-Corruption Policy - is committed to conducting its business with honesty, fairness, integrity, and compliance with all relevant laws. Elval Colour ensures transparency in all interactions and acknowledges that they have a moral and legal obligation to act responsibly in all jurisdictions. Elval Colour sustainable business growth and success shall rest on the excellence of its products and services. Elval Colour cannot tolerate illegal or unethical business activity or unfair competition practices. Their performance and competitiveness are strengthened solely through lawful conduct.
  • Supplier Code of Conduct - Elval Colour Supplier Code of Conduct has the goal of ensuring that their suppliers, contractors, consultants and business associates (“Business Partners”) share and promote Elval Colour fundamental values in ethics and sustainability principles. Elval Colour requires their Business Partners to comply with all the principles in this Supplier Code of Conduct and will correspondingly promote these principles within their own supply chain.
  • Energy and Climate Change Policy - This policy confirms Elval Colour’s approach to be a part of the global effort to tackle climate change. As significant consumers of both non-renewable and renewable energy, our company is committed to buying and using energy in a responsible, efficient, and cost-effective manner with the aim to reduce the carbon footprint.
  • Environmental Policy - is committed to operate with responsibility and respect for the environment and society. Sound environmental management of production and storage installations is one of the most important aspects and is essential to the sustainability of the Elval Colour’s activities.
  • Health and Safety Policy - is committed to provide a safe workplace and continuously promoting Health and Safety for its employees as well as for their partners, including customers, suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, business associates and visitors.

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For a sustainable future For a sustainable future

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