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Posted on 20 June, 2017

etalbond® A2 is the ideal choice for high sensitivity and occupancy buildings’ façades

etalbond® is Elval Colour’s trademark, for aluminium composite panels.

Among the standard range, Elval Colour offers composite panels with incombustible core classified as A2 for incombustibility, S1 lowest possible smoke emission and d0 for no droplets when the panel is exposed to fire according to the most stringent European Norm EN 13501-1.

etalbond® A2 is ideal for façade of buildings of high sensitivity and occupancy such as Hospitals, Elderly Care centers, Schools, Shopping Malls, etc., due to its superb behavior against fire. The panel is low maintenance and also can be designed to be energy efficient. In addition, Elval Colour offers high quality coating systems with a very large variety of colours, textures, and functional requirements such as easy clean nano technology based solutions that fascinate architects and owners.

Elval Colour provides free coating advisory service according to the location of the project and according to the customer’s expectations. Highest Quality Coating Systems are made to suit any project requirement providing superior aesthetic and durability characteristic. Elval Colour engineering team has the know-how, studies and tests of the complete panel system against for wind-loads, fatigue loads, earthquakes, UV and corrosion durability. Elval Colour’s ventilated façade system allows full air recirculation between the façade and the insulated substructure, improving substantially the building energy performance. Elval Colour’s hanging ventilated façade system allows fast installation and may reinforce the aesthetic vision of the architect.

Elval Colour is a leading European coated-aluminium manufacturer, established in 1981. The company manufactures and develops solutions for a complete range of coated aluminium products used in the building envelope. Elval Colour has two state-of-the art manufacturing sites located in Greece, while more than 98% of its sales are exported to a total of 60 countries around the world. Products include etalbond® aluminium composite panels, ELVAL ENF™ Coated Aluminium Sheets and orofe® Coated Strips for roofing applications.

Elval Colour is a member of the European Coil Coating Association (ECCA), the European Aluminium Association, and is ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001-2004 and OHSAS 18001 accredited.


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