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Posted on 8 June, 2016

Elval Colour’s self-cleaning Arypon® keeps buildings looking like new

How do you keep Elval Colour’s etalbond®, and ELVAL ENF™ products looking as new as the day they were installed? By adding a specialised coating system like Arypon®, designed to repel dirt and grime.

Developed as an ‘easy clean’ coating, Arypon® uses nanotechnology to deter dust and pollutant molecules from sticking to any surface treated with it. The fluoropolymers in the coating combine to create a stain-resistant hydrophilic surface that dirt and liquid tend to “slide off”. This means that a building coated with Arypon® can practically clean itself.

Applied to Elval Colour’s facade, corporate ID & signage, Arypon® increases weather resistance and reduces the need for professional cleaning. Combined with Agraphon®, a coating designed to repel paint, buildings can now be equipped with a strong, invisible anti-dirt/anti-graffiti shield. 

The Arypon® coating system is available today.

For more information about Elval Colour Arypon® click here.


Download the Press Release for Elval Colour Arypon®

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