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Posted on 3 December, 2015

Elval Colour sponsored the 3rd international ETEM conference for façade engineering in Sofia

Elval Colour was a partner of the 3rd international conference for façade engineering in Sofia, organized by ETEM on 7 November 2015.

During this exciting event, the latest ideas and concepts in architecture and buildings around the world, as well as the state-of-the-art developments in construction and façade technologies have been presented to leading European architects.

More than 450 participants had the chance to get familiar with the industry’s latest trends as well as to share information and exchange ideas covering a broad spectrum of innovative and sustainable solutions.  

Our architect Mrs. Eleni Gini, effectively demonstrated in an impressive presentation the latest developments, products, landmark projects and solutions that Elval Colour can proudly provide in all relative market segments.

Special attention and interest has been given to the following etalbond® painting systems:
Tx Coatings:  a specially developed coating that enables aluminium to be used as a substitute for ceramic  
Tr Coatings: Elval Colour’s natural - earthy colours series
Dual Colours: A specially developed coating having the effect of colour switching depending on observation angle
Anodized Imitations: a specially developed coating that enables aluminium imitating anodized surfaces.  
As well as in the way the 3D-form cassete of hydro-formed etalbond, made for the landmark project of the new Theater Tower Building in Amstelveen –Netherlands.






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