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Posted on 18 June, 2018

Present and Future of façade design in high-rise buildings - Greece

Elval Colour’s specialized seminar was successfully completed.

The subject of the seminar was:

  • Present & Future in the design of facades of high occupancy buildings
  • International practices in fire protection of building and material certifications
  • Grenfell Tower case

The seminar was held on June 19, 2018, at the Angelos Goulandris Amphitheater at the Goulandris Natural History Museum - Gaia Center and was characterized by a high level of lectures and audience, mainly from the architectural industry, and approached the 200 entries.

The main goals of the seminar were:

  • The awareness of the Greek community of architects, engineers and construction companies on issues related to the contemporary design of facades in high traffic buildings.
  • The presentation of best practices in international design and construction in relation to the fire protection of buildings.
  • Exploring the possibilities of different materials and their role in building fire safety.

Greek and foreign speakers developed the subject:

In the seminar, the speakers presented:

  • The recently established Institute for Fire Protection of Constructions and the New National Fire Protection Regulation.
  • Extensive reference has been made to the upcoming techniques and changes that will be made to the facade design processes as well as to the new technologies, systems and materials that will make up future facades.
  • The need for experimentally tested and certified systems to be installed by qualified installers, approved by the manufacturer and inspected by recognized specialist consultants or accredited independent inspection bodies
  • Particular reference was made to the new findings and data from recent fires in London and Dubai
  • The most important elements that led to the realization of high quality and safety facades were mentioned The interest that attendees expressed, with targeted approaches, on the issues developed, laid the foundations for similar events in the future.

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