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Posted on 6 July, 2016

Gold Award for "Origami Chaise Longue" fabricated with etalbond®, at the International Design Awards

D. Sergentakis, a student at the School of Architecture in University of Crete made a reality Elval Colour’s power to imagine.

His design “The Origami Chaise Longue” was awarded, among 1000 participants from 52 countries, the gold prize in the Home Interior Products Category at the International Design Awards 2016.

The chair was studied in the context of the Parametric Design Course with Professor A. Vazakas, and was fabricated with etalbond® composite aluminium panels, a donation of Elval Colour.

The project is based on the origami folding technique. The great challenge, through the design and construction process, was to resemble the lightness and the stability of a self-supporting system, as they appear in any origami paper-construction.

etalbond® panels are light, absolutely flat and offer the right balance between rigidity and flexibility, thus giving the designer/ architect absolute freedom in the design and construction process.

Thus, Origami chaise longue has been fabricated with etalbond®, because of its ability to be treated as a paper and as a result to succeed the folding and the stability of an origami construction.


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