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Posted on 1 August, 2018

Elval Colour Contributes to a better environment

Award Ceremony «Environmental Awards 2018» for the most important actions for the environment

In a special event and optimistic atmosphere, for the fifth consecutive year the «Environmental Awards 2018» ceremony was held on July 10, 2018.

More than 300 senior business executives and representatives of Public Organizations attended the award ceremony of best practices in the country for environmental protection and sustainability. The awards have been organized by Boussias Communications and presented by journalist Nicoletta Kritikou.

Elval Colour was awarded in section «Energy Mastering», in partnership with Redex S.A., for the Power Consumption Reduction Project - Power Quality Optimization Systems (P.Q.O.S.)

The President of the jury of the awards, Dr. Katia Lazaridis, Deputy Rector of Academic Affairs and International Relations at Harokopio University, Professor of the School of the Environment, Geography and Applied Economics, among others, pointed out in her opening speech: "Today we are showing concrete examples through the actions of the winning companies that environmental protection can increase the profitability, as the waste of expensive resources - raw materials and energy is reduced. The awards aim to create the conditions of noble competition among the participants, in order to promote environmental sensitivity, as well as to highlight the social contribution of companies, organizations, individuals to the implementation of actions for environmental upgrading ".


Elval Colour, stays loyal to her vision and values, continues with responsibility and respect for the environment. The company uses controlled production processes by emphasizing on energy, emissions and resource use.

Elval Colour has also developed a range of new products dedicated to sustainability of buildings, by increasing the durability of facades and ceilings, and reducing environmental impact.






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