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Posted on 22 January, 2018

Τhe imagination in facade design in combination with superior technological featured material etalbond®A2

One of the first projects in Bulgaria with etalbond®A2 gains the award "Building of the Year" in the Education Sector of the biggest national contest in the country.

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A special design with clear lines and beautiful colours have been used to this building façade with etalbond®A2 and ETEM VFS.

The need for innovative and sustainable materials is greater than ever before, in order to realize the creative visions of architects and designers. Contemporary buildings not only have to comply with the highest design standards, but also have to meet the latest technical requirements in the fields of sustainability, energy efficiency, noise protection, fire protection, etc.

Thanks to its mineral-filled core, etalbond® A2 by Elval Colour is non-flammable and meets the strictest demands of fire regulations. etalbond® A2 works ideally everywhere fire protection is necessary: High-rise buildings, buildings with high visitation/occupancy, such as airports, metro stations, shopping malls, hotels, and buildings of high sensitivity, such us schools, kindergartens, hospitals, and elderly care centers to name a few.

In the facades of high rise buildings over 23 meters it is mandatory to use materials categorized as Α2 - s1, d0. This is because 23 meters is the maximum reachable height of the fire department with terrestrial means. etalbond®A2 complies with the most stringent fire safety specifications in the world and meets the highest demands for materials that prevent fire spreading according to the ΕΝ 13501-1. Furthermore, the cladding system clears the ΝFPA 285 test.


The European directive tests and classifies the behavior of the material under fire and this is done by examining and combining the results from three criteria: 

  • The first criterion is the flammability of the material. It concerns the measurement of the heat released from the material and its contribution to the spreading of fire. etalbond®A2 is categorized as Α2, which means that it is consisted mainly of inactive material with a minimal contribution to fire. Furthermore, it has the technical approvals from most National Technical Approval Bodies.
  • The second Criterion is the release of smoke. etalbond®A2 is categorized as s1 which means that it is characterized by a limited smoke release. This achievement is of great importance as the release of smoke is the reason for most of the casualties during a fire incident.
  • The third Criterion is the ejection of burning droplets and particles. etalbond®A2 is categorized as d0 which means that none of the above are produced and thus the development of a secondary source of fire is prevented. Moreover the safe evacuation of the burning building as well as the safe approach of the firefighting crews is not impeded.

etalbond® A2 is a construction material, which allows the freedom of design in combination with superior technological features. Attractive and flexible it is easily installed and formed and is available in a wide array of highly durable and custom-made coatings, providing architects and designers with numerous possibilities for materializing their ideas. 

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