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Posted on 4 December, 2017

Green Certificates for etalbond®FR and etalbond®A2, by the Singapore Green Building Council SGBC

On 13th of September 2017, Elval Colour was awarded with the Green Certificates of etalbond®FR and etalbond®A2, by the Singapore Green Building Council SGBC.

The SGBC started its activity on 28 October 2009 as the only non-profit organization, with public and private partnerships, in order to achieve a global and sustainable ecological environment.

The areas and topics in which SGBC targets, include among other things, the provision of a dedicated certification body for products and services related to the green building. The creation of international cooperation and the global expansion of this activity. The enhancement of knowledge and research into sustainable development and construction of buildings.

The SGBC assessed both the production process of etalbond® and the final product. It took under consideration parameters such as environmental impact on production, company policy on energy consumption and the management of the plant’s waste. Also avoiding dangerous substances in the processing and recycling of products.

Lawrence Wong, Minister of National Development and Singapore’s Deputy Finance Minister attended the prize ceremony.

etalbond® is a fully recyclable product and has low waste in production and placement. Coil coating is the best available metallic and environmental friendly technology, minimizing the environmental impact of emissions (VOC), chemicals, water, energy and waste disposal. The continuous coil coating process and the efficiency of roller coating results in reduced waste and wastage of paint is eliminated while most of the possible waste is re-used in the paint composition.

Elval Color focuses on innovation and the supply of sustainable materials for green building materials. The coating systems for the company's etalbond® and orofe® products are the perfect solution for a green building.

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