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12 December, 2022
Lumedica, corporate identity in the shape of Chemical Bond

For the building façade, Elval Colour proposed to use etalbond® FR aluminium composite panels, which are fire retardant while maintaining all the important characteristics of etalbond® PE such as resistance to extreme weather conditions, flatness, and simple forming techniques. The colour chosen is Sugar White from the Alpha colour guide of the company's colour collection.
The perforation was specially designed for the corporate identity of the Lumedica chain of diagnostic centres in a custom pattern with a maximum open area of ​​40%. Flatness was ensured by choosing the panels over any other solid metal as the perforations were CNC machined.
A separate study was also carried out for the metal frame which was treated as the main composition tool of the face, using aluminium sections placed on a canvas and tied together with diagonal aluminium hollow beams.
The thickness of the connections between the particles in the image of the panels is equal to the thickness of the diagonal elements of the support frame and this makes it possible to not notice the reinforcements of the panels with the help of the visual effect created by the pattern on the perforated etalbond® FR.

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Lumedica, corporate identity in the shape of Chemical Bond

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12 December, 2022

For a sustainable future

Elval Colour has adopted the sustainability strategy since 2011, aligning it with the UN SDGs as well as respecting the European Green Deal.
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12 December, 2022

etalbond® ACP gives a versatile and resilient façade solution for designers and architects

etalbond® offers architects a supreme and versatile material for building facades. The panels demonstrate a rigidity that is often not available in solid metal surfaces and prevents the material from deforming due to local buckling, a result known as oil canning. 
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Elval Colour, the coating leader with the solution for building sustainability and green materials

Elval Colour has a sustainability strategy covering all its products and activities, including the products that are to be used for the visual communication market.
Its strategy includes all sustainability pillars such as technological, environmental, social, energy, economic, cultural and political. All sustainability aspects are addressed separately and as an entity. 
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27 October, 2022

For the largest airports in the world

Elval Colour offers a complete range of specified and sustainable products to dress the roofs and the façades of the buildings with any unique design architects imagine. orofe® aluminium coils & sheets, etalbond® etalbond® FRetalbond®A2 ACP and Elval ENF™ aluminium sheets have been used in the world's largest airports.
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26 October, 2022

Contemporary and Unique Hotels around the world

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