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26 October, 2022
Contemporary and Unique Hotels around the world

Nowadays, the need for innovative and sustainable materials is greater than ever before, aiding in the realization of the creative visions of architects and designers.
Contemporary buildings not only have to comply with the highest design standards, but also have to meet the latest technical requirements in the fields of sustainability, energy efficiency, noise pollution protection, and fire protection.
Our products are available in a wide range of colours and textures, aiming the possibility for sustainable and ecological architectural designs.
For the renovation of the eight-story hotel "The Port Square" in Piraeus, used the fire retardant etalbond® FR. The architectural office Eleven Constructions, for the exterior of building , chose to maintain the orthomarbling of the building, complementing Aluminium Composite Panels around the perimeter of the frames. The chosen  colour in the Orbit Black shade of the Alpha catalogue, creating harmonies and contrasts with the white of the marble, giving a modern aesthetic to the appearance of the Hotel.
The "Athens Capital Center Hotel – Mgallery", which is located in the heart of Athens at Syntagma Square, for the renovation of the facade used the non-combustible etalbond® A2. The architectural office focusing on the Athenian urban architecture chose the shade Coffee Brown Metallic.
"Clarion Hotel®Helsinki" stands out for its two towers connected by a glass footbridge. The tallest tower rises to 78 meters above sea level offering an amazing view to visitors. Davidsson Tarkela Architects chose etalbond®FR in shades of white and gray for the shell. The building is characterized by vertical elements of variable dimensions, which highlight Scandinavian architecture.
Another notable project is the "Hotel Olympus Palace" in Spain, for its renovation, the Matic&Garau chose perforated etalbond® FR combining three colours, Angel White, Silver Metallic and Anthracite. The perforated facade contributed to the creation of unique aesthetics and innovation in the design of the structure, as well as to better regulation of the temperature inside the building.

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Contemporary and Unique Hotels around the world Contemporary and Unique Hotels around the world Contemporary and Unique Hotels around the world Contemporary and Unique Hotels around the world

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