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The 5.7 billion Marina Bay Resort has a splash of Elval Colour

See how Elval Colour transforms Marina Bay Resort.

The customer

The $ 5.7 billion Marina Bay Resort in Singapore astounds you. It’s the world’s second most expensive building (following the billion Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel in Saudi Arabia), an enormous complex that has 2.560 guest rooms, a 120.000 square meter convention and exhibition centre, a shopping mall, art and science museum, a pair of 2.000 seat theatres, six restaurants, and a casino.

Designed by Moshe Safdie Architects, its three 55-storey towers are topped by a gravity defying, 340 meter-long ‘SkyPark’ that offers magnificent views over the bay. This tropical oasis incorporates the world’s largest rooftop swimming pool, an observatory, jogging paths, gardens and lounges. It covers a massive 1.2 hectares - an area big enough to park four A380 super jumbo jets and longer than the Eiffel Tower’s height!

The challenges

The Marina Bay Sands development was not just complicated due to its sheer size and scope. It came with tremendous challenge because of the amount of integration that demanded between the different technologies and materials required to complete the construction.
For example, while the SkyPark posed its own architectural challenges (its 200 meters above ground), the main hotel building is fronted by the 120.000 square meter convention centre, casino, the twin theatres and the ArtScience museum, all of which needed a distinctive and durable finish.

Our solution

Elval Colour orofe® was the perfect choice for the Marina Bay Resort and the coated aluminium coils were used to cover 15,000 square meters of roof space in the development. Out aluminium alloy is lightweight and durable, enabling roofing solutions that have limitless design potential and a range of innovative colours and surface finishes. With energy-efficient coating systems designed to increase thermal insulation, orofe® performs as successfully as it looks stunning.

The results

The Marina Bay Resort design called for a high-quality roof that had a distinctive ‘wave-like’ shape. The flexibility of Elval Colour’s orofe®, which can be curved, bent and formed into a variety of different shapes proved ideal for this requirement, delivering an eye-catching solution that is incombustible, highly anti-corrosive, UV resistant and requires minimal maintenance or cleaning.

Material: Orofe®
Application: Roofing
Country: Singapore


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The 5.7 billion Marina Bay Resort has a splash of Elval Colour The 5.7 billion Marina Bay Resort has a splash of Elval Colour
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