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The Spectrum Boutique Residences

etalbond®A2, arypon®
The Spectrum Boutique Residences, a modern building in Limassol designed by UDSarchitects, is characterized by clean lines and a sustainable facade solution, dressed with etalbond®A2 Aluminium Composite Panel, fire retardant and non-combustible core. Its arypon® functional coating system deters dust and pollution particles from bonding to the building and reduces the surface energy by creating a hydrophilic coating that assists the washing away of dirt particles.
The choice of these products by UDSarchitects is aligned with their reputation of designing buildings of exceptional architecture  using energy efficient and sustainable products.
Application: Façade
Country: Cyprus
Colour: Grafite Grey
Quantity: 1.200m2
Architect: UDS architects


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The Spectrum Boutique Residences
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