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The Piraeus Tower, an imposing building in the city’s port

The Piraeus Tower, an awesome 22-storey building, has been brought back to life after 50 years. To renovate its façade, etalbond® A2 aluminium composite panels, in the form of shutters, have been selected which, together with the modern lighting systems used, aim at enhancing the building. 
Seen from a distance, the building gives the impression of being wrapped in a veil. The shutters’ tilt creates a dynamic aspect which is constantly changing during the day depending on the changes of the light.

The challenge

One of the project’s main challenges involved selecting a product for the façade. Due to the high number of visitors in the building, it was particularly important to select the proper material that would guarantee the safety of both residents and visitors. It was also equally important for the project’s designers to select the proper Modular Façade.

The result

Pila Studio, the architecture firm which designed the façade, selected etalbond® A2, which, due to the composition of its core, is non-flammable and meets the strictest fire protection standards. It is also an ideal material for buildings over 20 meters of height as well as buildings with a high number of visitors.
The construction method applied to the façade has been an important incentive that led the designers to Modular Façade solutions. Each module bears the glass pane system, the necessary insulation and, externally, a horizontal and a vertical shutter. Thus, specially configured aluminium sections were designed which were cladded with etalbond® A2. The vertical shutters are 10 centimetres long, 55 centimetres wide and 3.2 meters tall. Lighting is embedded in the front part of each shutter and in the specially configured section of the support frame. 
For horizontal shutters, the internal sections have been designed accordingly, so as to provide for a slight inclination for run-off water and to ensure improved static behaviour of the shutters. The horizontal and vertical shutters are attached together by means of a special fitting.
Having considered the project’s specific requirements, Elval Colour proposed the solution of installing shutters with specially designed aluminium sections cladded with etalbond® A2 so as to achieve:
•    Lightweight construction 
•    Uniform surfaces without shadows 
•    Prefabrication of shutters off-site
•    Easy installation of modules 
•    Easy maintenance 
•    The appropriate paint system designed for an aggressive environment in close proximity to the sea.

Furthermore, for the shutters’ cladding, the architects selected 955 Anodised Look C0/ EV1 from Elval Colour’s Future Classic colour chart. In addition, the protection coating arypon® was applied to the surface of the aluminium composite panels, which helps maintaining the surface clean from exhaust gases and particles thanks to the liquid coating nanotechnology of the final layer. The use of arypon® contributes to protecting the environment and minimises maintenance requirements and costs. Furthermore, as a third layer, it is capable of increasing the paint’s robustness and prolonging the product’s life cycle.
Ownership: Piraeus 
Administration category: Municipality of Piraeus 
Architectural design: Pila Studio 


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The Piraeus Tower, an imposing building in the city’s port The Piraeus Tower, an imposing building in the city’s port The Piraeus Tower, an imposing building in the city’s port
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