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One Limassol, a masterpiece of architecture

The impressive "One Limassol" is one of the tallest buildings on the coastline of the Eastern Mediterranean, a residential tower on the promenade of Limassol which literally rises to new heights and offers a splendid view to visitors. The building is almost 170 meters tall, it extends on a total of 38 stories and provides a new architectural mode to the island nation of Cyprus. The use of the building is purely residential, whereas its basis, consisting of four stories, provides a series of free amenities, thus creating a more social atmosphere for its residents. “One”’s design, orientation, and shape, as well as the amazing panoramic view of the city, the seashore, and the countryside it offers, launch an new era of luxury in the ambitious life of the Mediterranean.

The architecture firms Atkins, WKK Architects and Eraclis Papachristou Architects, in collaboration with Elval Colour’s technical department, have ensured that the façade was manufactured using etalbond®A2 aluminium composite panels thus guaranteeing its aesthetic and structural integrity for many years to come. 

The challenge 

One of the project’s main challenges involved selecting a product for the façade. Due to the high number of visitors in the building, it was particularly important to select the proper material that would guarantee the safety of both residents and visitors, while highlighting its architectural design. 

The building is literally on the seashore and, therefore, it was essential to select a proper paint system to protect the envelope against the salinity of sea water. Furthermore, it was important that the colour would blend in harmony with the city’s architecture. 

The result 

The product, etalbond®A2, satisfies the buildings’ maximum fire protection requirements in line with the strictest European and international standards. The material is ideal for buildings over 20 meters of height as well as buildings with a high number of visitors and it was, therefore, considered adequate for its envelope. Being both attractive and flexible, it was easily configured creating an elegant curve in the building’s outline.  
Bordered by palm trees, the wide 28th October Avenue, alongside the seashore, close to the picturesque old town, is the flagship address par excellence in Limassol. This impressive building brings together the city, the mountains, and the sea. Elval Colour created a white tinted colour, so that the silent colour tone combined to the luminous, open spaces, from the base to the top, would confer calmness to a lively city.
The paint system of three layers of PVDF, at a thickness of 43 microns, with a minimum of 38 microns, was selected as a painting solution satisfying the requirements of aesthetic result and long-term guarantee. Furthermore, the liquid coating technology applied is superior to powder coating, with regard not only to achieving the same colour among panels but also to reducing fire propagation on the surface of the aluminium composite panels.

Panels of a thickness of 6mm, instead of 4mm, were manufactured offering greater resistance to wind loads, maintaining the sheet’s width at 2000mm, thus fulfilling the architects’ wish for larger surfaces with fewer joints.
Due to its nature and its manufacturing process, the material is capable of achieving the architect’s target of absolute flatness, without requiring any straining, as would have been the case for common aluminium sheets.
Elval Colour is always seeking to achieve the highest quality for its products aiming at providing excellent services to its customers. Committed to respect the needs of this building, it remained faithful to its values, helping with the proper selection and application of products.
Material: etalbond®A2
Architectural design: ATKINS, WKK Architects, ERACLIS PAPACHRISTOU & MEINHARDT
Development: PAFILIA
Construction company: GLASSLINE CYPRUS
Electromechanical design: MEINHARDT FAÇADE TECHNOLOGY 


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One Limassol, a masterpiece of architecture
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