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Mactan Cebu, the Philippines «Green» Airport

See how Elval Colour transforms Mactan Cebu Airport.
Mactan Cebu International Airport is the second largest airport in the Philippines and one of the ten most impressive airports that have been built in recent years. Its extension increased the airport’s capacity, whereas its particular architectural design thoroughly renovated its appearance.
Close collaboration of Elval Colour’s technical department with the architecture team, and the subsequent controls carried out throughout the construction phase have ensured that the roof made of orofe® pre-painted aluminium sheets was manufactured and installed in line with the necessary requirements, ultimately guaranteeing its aesthetic and structural integrity for many years to come.

The challenges 

The aim was for the airport terminal to give, with its distinctive design, the impression of a resort, while reducing the maximum temperature that develops throughout the day, thus increasing the building’s energy efficiency. Furthermore, the design required an elegantly curved corrugated roof, and this is why Elval Colour’s product, orofe®, was selected to cover the extension of the roof by creating uniform smooth curves.

The result 

Being flexible and robust, as well as appropriate for roof solutions, orofe® was the ideal choice for this type of design in the wavy form envisioned by the architecture firm. This high quality product was selected based of the building’s particular configuration, whose streamlined appearance is defined by its modern construction design and innovative materials, thus raising the bar with regard to the aesthetic appearance of airports all over the world.
The tall slanted roof and the cornices below it together with Elval Colour’s superior quality aluminium materials and painting systems eliminate maximum temperature increase and reflection during the day. The system supporting the superstructure was selected for its capacity to resist the seismic strains and typhoon currents that often occur in the region.
Elval Colour created a final product which satisfied the performance, robustness, and aesthetic criteria set forth by both the owner of the project and the architecture firm. The roof of Mactan Cebu International Airport has been constructed to last through time, orofe® being also non-combustible and resistant to ultraviolet radiation, while requiring minimal maintenance or cleaning.
Elval Colour is always seeking to achieve the highest quality for its products aiming at providing excellent services to its customers. Committed to respect the needs of this airport, it remained faithful to its values, helping with the proper selection and application of products.
Material: orofe®
Application: Façade
Country: Philippines


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Mactan Cebu, the Philippines «Green» Airport Mactan Cebu, the Philippines «Green» Airport Mactan Cebu, the Philippines «Green» Airport
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