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Lumedica, corporate identity in the form of molecular bonds

The Lumedica Medical Diagnostic Centre, at the junction of Nestoros and Varnali streets in Aigaleo, Athens, has implemented Elval Colour’s proposal regarding the design of the corporate identity of all the group’s establishments. Overall, the façades cladding covers 110 square meters on the medical centre’s ground floor and the building’s mezzanine.
The proposal was designed in its entirety by Elval Colour for Lumedica’s owners, who set the challenges to which the company’s technical department responded by providing advice and suggesting custom-made solutions for the building’s cladding.

The challenge 

One of the project’s challenges included transforming the façade in a way that would ensure low visibility for passers-by into the building’s interior, while controlling the space’s natural lighting.  The perforated surface needed to be absolutely flat while creating the sensation of a recurrent image of molecular bonds, in line with the owner’s wishes.
A further and equally critical parameter to be taken into account was that the metallic frame supporting the envelope had to be hidden from view.

The result 

For the building’s outer cladding, Elval Colour suggested the use of etalbond®FR aluminium composite panels, that have fire retardant characteristics, while maintaining all the product’s significant features, such as resilience to extreme weather conditions, flatness, and simple processing and configuration techniques. The colour selected was Sugar White from the company’s Alpha colour chart.

Perforation was specifically designed for the corporate identity of the Lumedica chain of medical diagnostic centres as a custom pattern with a 40% maximum open area. Flatness was ensured by opting for panels, as opposed to any other solid metal, given that the perforation was performed using the CNC process. The metallic frame was designed separately and it became the main tool for setting up the façade, using aluminium sections which were placed on a canvas and held together by diagonal aluminium hollow sections. The thickness of the bonds between molecules on the panels’ image is equal to the thickness of the diagonal elements of the support frame, thus allowing for the panel reinforcements to remain hidden thanks to the visual effect created by the pattern on the etalbond®FR perforated sheets.

Elval Colour remains committed to its vision and values, as implemented by environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes and products. The company keeps on developing innovative materials of significant added value, which are integrated in its product range, by implementing more demanding international specifications.
Architectural design: Athanasia Varela
Construction company: KOMEAL


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Lumedica, corporate identity in the form of molecular bonds
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