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Posted on 27 June, 2013

New offices of Statoil Hydro in Oslo dressed by etalbond®

Elval Colour’s etalbond® Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) was used to achieve the intensive “perforated” façade view of the award winning Statoil Hydro offices in Oslo, Norway.


The building is the new offices of the Norwegian Oil Company Statoil Hydro which was decided to build at Fornebu.
Designed by A-lab’s, an Oslo major architectural office, the project was completed at the end of 2012 and was nominated by the world architectural festival (WAF) awards on the category of “future projects-commercial.” The building matches a list of criteria, with the most important of all the flexibility and the environment-friendly character. The building’s skin is integral to the building’s energy efficiency.


20.000sqm of coated etalbond® PE, in the special Acropolis white coating, were used in the facades of 5 main cubes, located in different axes, enhancing the dynamic result of the initial concept. The views of the building are characterized by the unequal fenestration openings, giving the idea of “perforated walls”. In this important architectural handling the material boosts the total effect of the project. etalbond® Composite material is ideal for easy cutting, curving and routing and can take formations and shapes not possible with traditional building materials. The flatness of the sheets and the top quality of colour incorporate the building’s design to the environment and strength the architectural concept.

The panels of the facades are prefabricated, folded to create 220mm deep cassettes giving the façade a deep stress relief and also shedding vapor precipitation effectively. The same prefabricated facade system is used on the interior where the offices overlook the atrium. The same construction principles apply to the etalbond® facade cassettes of the interior with the only difference being that they are finely perforated (Ø5mm, 25 %) in order to deal with the acoustic challenges of the interior atrium space: ensuring a low reverberation time in the atrium, despite the hard flooring.


Download the Press Release for new offices of Statoil Oslo with etalbond®

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