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One of the most important factors in modern building is safety. With international standards becoming increasingly demanding with regard to the safety of citizens, companies are required to develop products complying with recent safety specifications.

etalbond® FR, due to its mineral core, meets the stricter requirements of the fire classifications.
It is hardly inflammable, while maintaining all the important characteristics of normal etalbond®, such as resistance to weather, flatness and simple forming techniques.








The main advantages of etalbond® FR, whose unique features replace the various traditional construction materials, are:

  • Outstanding strength-to-weight ratio
  • Increased rigidity
  • Simple forming techniques
  • Rapid installation
  • Results in the reduced completion time of a project.
  • Resistant to extreme weather conditions (exposure and temperature)
  • Extensive testing during production guarantees the materials resistance capability to severe weather conditions.
  • Excellent UV characteristics, retaining colour after extended exposure
  • Easy maintenance - pollution, acid, alkali and salt resistant
  • The panels can easily be cleaned with a soft detergent due to their smooth surfaces.
  • Resulting appearance
  • Curved and flat surfaces in striking colours create a new elegant look in buildings and constructions of all kinds. Attractive and flexible, etalbond®  is the ideal cladding material for interior and exterior surfaces either of new constructions or of renovations.

etalbond®  is a self supporting panel with exceptional flatness, high strength and low weight. This plain but extremely flexible material is ideal for adding an architectural elegance and an attractive design in low and high rising buildings, canopies, fascias, roof edges and building interiors.
Some of its various applications indicatively include:

  • Building Renovations
  • Internal Partitions
  • False Ceilings
  • Bus Terminals
  • Gas Stations
  • Column covers
  • Curved Fascias
  • Building entranceways
  • Toll stations
  • Container Constructions
  • Machine coverings
  • Equipment enclosures
  • Architectural Claddings
  • Internal Wall Coverings

etalbond® FR is fully recyclable. Both the mineral core and the aluminium sheets are recycled in the special facilities of our factory and can be used in the production of new material.




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