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Aluminium material for Traffic-Road Signs & License Plates
Elval Colour’s pre-painted aluminium is broadly used for manufacturing of Traffic-Road accessories & Car Licences Plates products.

Traffic-Road Signs Accessories
Aluminum in use of traffic & road signs production provides several advantages for the sign manufacturers:

  • Lightweight product suitable to be processed in various ways.
  • Flexibly to adjusted on requested geometry and dimensions ideal for production & project sizes.
  • Bending radius, roll-forming possibilities that can guarantee numerous shape ways.
  • Corrosion-resistance, resistance to ageing.
  • Recyclable product which can be easily re-used unlimted times

Product Description
We offer a solution which is tailored to specific product needs, such as:

  • Alloys such as 3003, 5754 series
  • Chemically degreased and pre-treated material
  • Material delivered either as coils either as sheets:
  • Coils thickness up to 2.0mm (liquid paint) x width 1600mm
  • Sheets thickness mainly 3.0mm (powder paint) x 2500mm
  • Wide variety of colour shades with a paint and surface quality that allow the right adhesion of those films on the aluminium surface without any further pre-treatment to be required.
  • Continuous improvement and technical support
  • Sustainability

Aluminium material for Car Licences Plates
Aluminium is worldwide the most favourable raw material for the production of vehicle license plates.

Product Description

  • We deliver aluminium pre-treated strips for the application of reflective films. Our strips are always suitable on the related national standards and regulations.
  • Alloys such as 1000 series
  • Chemically degreased and pre-treated material
  • Material thickness mainly 0.98mm x width 114mm
  • Surface quality that allows the right adhesion of the used films on the aluminium surface without any further pre-treatment to be required.
  • Quality and safety requirements for vehicle registration systems are rising steadily all around the world. With strong, long-term commitments with our customers, we are focusing on continuous improvement and technical support for developing new technologies.


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